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Project:	RMP-11-002-B
Description:	Askeladden, Prøvesal 1
Timespan:	January 2011- March 2011 (Never completed)
Mode:		Archived
Owner:		DNO&B, Robin Leonhard Hagen
Credit:		Director: Ellen
		Conceptual Artist: Christopher Herradlund
		Computer Graphics: Robin Leonhard Hagen

Dependencies:	Autodesk Maya 2008 (.mb 3d models, animation and rendering)
		Adobe After Effects CS5 (.aep Compositing)
		GIMP (.xcf images)
		Inkscape (.svg graphics)
		Apple Intermediate Codec (.mov Video codec)
		TAR and XZ for lossless data compression *.txz archives)

TXZ Archives:	input/images/*.txz (Unmodified Maya rendered TIFF image sequences)
		output/scene01.001.mov.xz (Apple Intermediate encoded video container, scene01)
		src/askeladden.audio.txz (Askeladden uncompressed WAV audio files)
		src/askeladden.scan.txz (Askeladden scanned original artworks)
		src/akeladden.trollet.audio.txz (Askeladden uncompressed WAV audio files)