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# Slackware in kiosk mode.

  1. Boot directly into X as user 'username' without entering password:

	- Cd to /etc/rc.d/ and make a backup of runlevel rc.4 init script.
	- Empty rc.4 and put the following as the only entry:

		su - username -c "/usr/bin/startx"

	- This will boot the system directly into 'username' X-session.

  2. Set up your kiosk environment:

	- In ~/username create an .xinitrc file to define which application(s)
	  you'd like to run in your kiosk:

		/usr/bin/setxkbmap de &
		sudo /sbin/telinit 0

  (The 'telinit 0' command shuts down the system after the previous application 
   exits. The command is run as 'username', so set up sudoers to allow this.)