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Kort Prosess Record Reviews



instructions are specific: this shouldn't cost much more than two vinyl 
singles, and the extra songs on this aren't "bonus-tracks". umm... well, 
the facts would state: this is a reissue of their two singles (one 
remastered) and threee previously unreleased (not "bonus", remember?) 
songs. facts would also state this is by far one of the best bands out 
of europe in the last couple of years - buffeting hardcore played with 
serious intensity -- memorable songs, all the critical elements in 
abundance. great shit, a real treat to gethose "extra tracks" as well! 
ha. (MRR)

this is a combination of 7"s and some bonus-tracks remastered onto disc. 
i'm guessing these guys are from norway (the lyrics are written in a 
foreign language). i'm not sure, but they have that european sound (if 
you know what that means). pretty straight forward high-end guitar and 
tougher vocals kind of making this a heavy RAW POWER with tighter 
musicianship. once in a while i'll hear some SEPTIC DEATH stuff in 
there. very interesting, but normally not my type of thing. (RUST, 

KORT PROSESS - Svart Natt double 7" and  CDEP

whoa. the kings of norwegian hardcore return - and with a vengeance - 16 
songs spread out over a double EP. somehow managing to spike hardcore 
with equal amounts of speed, intricacy and verge -- it's overly 
simplistic to just call it hardcore -- while that's the foundation, the 
structure isn't so easily pigeonholed. can only hope with the recent 
success of other norwegian bands, they start to get half the recognition 
they deserve. (MRR)

this double 7" is really nicely packaged. the cover is nice, the art is 
great, the booklet is tasty. aesthetically speaking, this is awesome. 
the music is harsh. there is a sense of the melodic buried underneath 
the harsh style, but it isn't easily heard. the vocals are irritatingly 
rough. there are 16 songs on this double record, which means fast little 
ditties. the label describes KORT PROSESS as "traditional norwegian hc". 
that is a pretty good description. i like KORT PROSESS, but I have to 
admit that I can only take so many cracks to the skull before I am worn 
out. their sound is hard, and maybe I am getting old, but at times it is 
almost too hard for my ears. anyway, this is very well done. 

everything about this record is great (with the exception of they're 
break up). tight as fuck intricate hardcore, with deep punchy vocals, 
great production so you can hear the constant changes in the music, a 
musical gem! after you are done rockin' out to this mad display, each 
record is slipped into its own printed inner sleeve, placed along with 
the booklet, which contains lyrics that appear in they're native tongue 
but english explanations are provided, plus well done hand drawn black 
and white pictures, into its well crafted protective outer shell until 
next time! (Profane Existence #36)

this is really awesome heavy hardcore with full power and a brutal 
urgent intensity - and it rocks, too! 16 new songs on this double 7" in 
a beautiful package with nice design as i've seen before with HeartFirst 
Records. KORT PROSESS are from norway - and play "traditional norwegian 
hardcore". this is heavy powerful stuff, played fast and tight with a 
galloping beat and a really deep gruff voice at the forefront. this is 
great and it rocks, too!!! (FLIPSIDE)

metallic Norwegian fjordcore with a singer who sounds like Felix from 
RF7, all packaged to look like a 7". good stuff. (FLIPSIDE about the CD)

KORT PROSESS - 1993  7"

fast, choppy hardcore that has a few hints of melody, but for the most 
part it's spastic. i'm not sure where in europe these guys are from, but 
it has that "new school" german sound. eight fast songs with great 
layout and artwork. (HEARTATTACK)

KORT PROSESS - 1994  7"

absolutely raging stuff outta oslo, norway. it's superheavy brutal HC 
that has some, admittedly metal leanings. i have to wonder if they've 
ever tasted RORSCHACH. Nine songs in eight+ minutes. cool booklet, too. 
their second 7". (MRR)

horrifying thrash noises from these brutal norsemen. sonic destruction 
that tramples you under their boots. the buzzsaw guitar rips and slashes 
with abandon. of the nine songs on this little platter, most of the 
tracks are well under a minute long. just knowing this you already know 
that this is going to be one really wild ride. it is up there with the 
brutal noises emanating from their other scandinavian neighbors. 

KORT PROSESS - Trondheim, UFFA 03.10.2009

Da det legendariske punkbandet KORT PROSESS fra Horten spilte på Uffa 
lørdag 3. oktober, var det mange som hadde møtt opp på Uffa for å 
overvære konserten. Først skulle Bitre Barn, et ungt og uerfarent 
punkband fra Trondheim spille, deretter Victimized og så Kort Prosess. 
En fin pakke for et sultent publikum.

Så var det Kort Prosess. En tightere punkekonsert skal du lete lenge 
etter. Man skulle ikke tro at bandet ikke har spilt live sammen på 
lenge, men det låt bare helt nydelig. Ultradyktige musikere som vet hvor 
de har de andre i bandet, gjør at en konsert sjelden blir dårlig. Kort 
Prosess spilte så bra at hele konserten deres bare fløy av sted og vips 
så var den over, og det første du tenkte på, var at dette faktisk var 
kort prosess.

Kort Prosess Discography (Trujaca FALA KZ) 11.09.2013
KORT PROSESS remains one of the most intense and interesting hardcore bands
from the 90's. They're not exactly in line with the traditional Norwegian
hardcore fare, but they're not really in line with much else for that matter.
Intricate song structures twist and turn, never allowing you to catch your
breath or break your concentration from the sheer intensity and brutality of
their delivery. This tape collects both 7"s from 1993 and 1994 and their final
double 7" from 1997. Playing this up next to the hordes of easily-categorized
punk and hc bands of today, KORT PROSESS has definitely left it's legacy as a
truly unique and timeless band. I can't go without mentioning that their EP's
featured some of the coolest artwork to be found on a punk record. Essential